Saturday, January 01, 2011

Today is the day that I knew I-95 was over, 1-1-11, when I left 2st at 6:30 PM.

For the last 10 years I have gone until the point of exhaustion on New Year's Day. But not tonight. I was tired and I suddenly thought, "I don't have to work so hard." That's right, I don't have to work so hard at making photos on 2 St. Not that I don't love 2 St and all the sacred and profane moments that are acted out along that stretch, but I don't have to keep working to tell others about it. I told what I knew and now it's done and I don't have to keep going and going and going with hopes to both be a part of a moment of joy that references the desire to transcend limitations and then to be able to competently record that moment amid the excitement of "WHOOOO NEW YEARS!" I'm feeling "WHOOOO NEW YEARS!" on New Year's day and I always have to tamp it down to work. There's so many things that go into working on New Years Day. Mumming is beautiful and complex. There's a long and abhorrent history of racism and sexism. And, this New Year's day ritual is also a part of my core self.

Tonight, whatever. I walked right by Front and Mifflin to the car. There's quite a sirens song coming from the Froggy Carr clubhouse and I'm certain that I'll be back, but not tonight. I'm home and showered and looking forward to the changes 2011 will bring. Love you 2 St. and see you next year.

Happy New Year, friends!

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