Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stock Tips from Zoe Strauss

I'm writing something right now and about to lose my mind because I'm using the words "dichotomy" and "synecdoche." Taking a break to talk about stock.

Stock can be made in any number of ways:

I use a bastardized version of stock mirepoix because I'm allergic to raw carrots. Mine is onions, celery and parsnips, which is the traditional mirepoix in fond blanc. Also, I don't chop it as fine as traditional mirepoix.

Mushroom stock is delicious and should be made with dried mushrooms for more depth.

Putting a portabello mushroom top in a chicken base stock darkens the stock but can add something good.

When making any kind of stock, use yellow onions and make sure to put the onion skin in... it adds a great color.

I like a little bit of fresh dill, but even little too much can overpower the stock.

If you are making stock with chicken, crack the bones.

Stock can be frozen and used through the winter.

Vegan stock is delicious and if you make it a few times and note the different vegetable, herb and spice proportions, you should have the basis for a stock recipe that you love. Dice the vegatables instead of quartering them. I would add at least 2 tbs of oil to the stock at the start.

Some people say don't stir because it clouds the stock. I say stir, so what if it's a little cloudy?


Damn right.


Alison said...

I honestly thought for a moment that you were actually going to discuss traded stock. As in stock and bonds. And my mind was momentarily blown.

This makes much more sense.

ZS said...

I am about to start working everyday all day for about a year, and I need some humor going on before I enter into the dark recesses of my own head for that long.

Also, I love Feldish.

Todd Kimmell said...

Making stock is one of the joys of being daddy, hubby, and just plain ol' Toddy. I will try yours, but I'll add carrots!

Here is a holiday dish based on plenty of turkey stock...

Todd Kimmell