Thursday, January 27, 2011

Man_at_Broad_an…alnut_073103_10_ cropped

The photo above is 35mm and never made it past a first tier edit of I-95. I haven't seen it in years and am sure I made the right choice.

184 man's chest .jpg

I've used the above photo in one or two I-95s and in several slideshows, but it's not as strong as the photo below.

man's mans back flash .jpg

The photo above is the one that has made the final I-95 edit. Thanks to the guy who let me make these photos of him. Thank you.

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History will absolve Mike said...

The photo of that man's back has hung in my upstairs hallway for years. When i first saw the work I thought that it was an image a mummified human at a natural history or science museum. I was horrified to think that he was alive, which seems a bit odd but true. It would be hard to imagine that is still the case. Whatever has a hold on this man's soul looks tenacious. I love the photo and the photographer even more.

Who loves ya baby,