Monday, January 31, 2011

Fire after Move bombing, looped archival video.


History will absolve Mike said...

This was the first aerial bombing of an American city, ordered by the mayor of that city, Wilson Goode.
In one of the great columnist Pete Dexter's final articles in the Philadelphia Daily News, he referred to Wilson Goode in these terms:
"Wilson Goode has been standing in the shallow end of the pool for so long that we had forgotten that he couldn't swim."
And that was before he dropped the bomb that killed children and burnt down an entire neighborhood.
The rebuilding of Osage was assigned to incompetent contractors that created housing much worse than what proceeded it and that is already in a state of decay that far exceeds the state of the much older houses they replaced.
Our traditions of ineptitude in the office of Mayor is a Philadelphia tradition that I have only seen transcended once in my lifetime during the tenure of Edward G. Rendell.
He had some questionable habits but compared to the waste and corruption of every administration since James H. Tate, Fast Eddie looks like a statesman.
The aptly named Mayor Nutter, John Street, Green, Rizzo and Tate round out a Rogue's Gallery of ineffectual leadership over a corrupt, wasteful and bloated bureaucracy that it is in no one's interest to change. The leadership of this city, the place of my birth and a city that I love despite its political scene, is an embarrassment to me personally.
I do love this city despite itself.

ZS said...

Right there with you, Macfeat. Right there with you. The city's murder of Move members and the burning of the neighborhood is always hovering in the back of my mind.

I can't believe you quoted Pete Dexter here. When I finish this piece, which is including the real deal of the Move footage here loped for about 20 minutes, I am including some video of the bar where Pete Dexter and Tex Cobb were beaten in 1981.