Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Aerial View looking southeast, showing [Fairmount Dam,] Waterworks site and Philadelphia Museum of Art on hill."

Fairmount Dam, 1819-1821
Schuylkill River at Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia PA


Alexis again said...

P. 57, Kephart's "Flow":

...[T]he city secured a deal with the Schuylkill Navigation Company that enabled it to build a dam below Faire Mount and thereby harness the potential power of the river herself. Stoppered by the dam, the river surged toward a new forebay, then was escorted, by means of wood and cast-iron water wheels, up through the mill building and into an expanded reservoir. From there the river water moved through iron mains before it was piped to her final destinations.

By October 1822, the wheels were being powered by the dam alone. A few years later, the engine house was converted into a public saloon, and increasing numbers of city dwellers and visitors were making their way to the Water Works to gain an unparalleled view of both the river and the machinery that had enslaved her.

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