Wednesday, December 01, 2010

To be honest, I am rarely moved by religious imagery of any kind, whether it's reverent or blasphemous. In relation to this film, I am more moved by the ability it has to create a frenzy of anxiety in people. Even if I don't feel it, it's obviously it's hitting home for a number of people.

G-d bless you, David Wojnarowicz. Thanks for all you've given us.


Christopher Paquette said...

"frenzy of anxiety" is a good way to put it. Seems this is where we are headed as a world wide cultural phenomenon. I know nothing about this film, or what stirred the controversy, but I do wonder what kind of frenzy would have been incited if this was a depiction of Mohammed. We are living in a world of ever increasing sensitivities, and institutions that rely on public funding are going to be under constant scrutiny.

ZS said...

"Ever increasing sensitivities" is also a good way it put it. Personally, I'm open to sacrilege to renforce what's holy.

Love you, Chris!

Pete Hoge said...

I think the imagery is beautiful
and I believe in God through Christ,
but it is a mystical beauty so
starchy legalist fanatics can't
see it.

He is a great artist, though he
is dead, for those of us who
are queers he is a prophet.

I am surprised you found this
on youtube because they had
taken it off.

ZS said...

Thanks for that thoughtful comment, Pete! There's great beauty to be found in all sorts of mysticism, no matter what our beliefs are.