Friday, December 10, 2010

Earlier this week I was up in Manhattan for the United States Artists 2010 USA Fellows announcement and the launch of USA Projects, which is the spot where I raised enough money to head to the Gulf Coast following the BP catastrophe. Super fancy, my friends.

It was an amazingly great start when I showed up to the new fellows event and saw Dito Van Reigersberg standing there. Pig Iron had been awarded a fellowship. Fucking awesome. Congratulations a thousand times over to Mr. Dan Rothenberg, Mr. Dito Van Reigersberg and Mr. Quinn Bauriedel.

The next day I stopped at Moma, which was closed much to my chagrin. But I ran into the book store and they had 4 copies of America and that was a spectacular surprise. I then had a spontaneous book signing.

book at moma_7978 web

book at moma_7979 web

I walked through Central Park to the Natural History museum, past a JD Salingerequse scene of ice skaters. The museum visit started off fine with Akeley hall. Akeley has been on my mind quite a bit since reading Jay Kirk's book Kingdom Under Glass. Side note: Akeley hall didn't help my new obsession with Teddy Roosevelt, which is nearing a fevered pitch.

I looked around the museum for a little while, dinosaur, ocean, space and and THEN IT SUDDENLY BECAME HORRIBLE. TOO MUCH INFORMATION AT ONCE. I started to feel nauseous looking at a replica of a giant squid. There was no reception in the museum and I needed to call my lady to help me simmer down... even though I swore I wasn't going to use my camera or my phone I needed a technology buffer to prevent me from having my head explode from the things I was seeing. I can only handle so much before I get exhausted. I had to leave right away. Couldn't handle it.

Then I walked past the Dakota, 29 years and 364 day after John Lennon was shot and murdered there. I got a Ruben from The Carnegie deli. After getting back to the hotel, I called Peter Crimens for a radio interview. Then the press conference and the fellows event.


And now, a list of shout outs...

Check out this great project by Jaime Permuth

I love Anne Lewis's work.

You know who is awesome? Thomas Allen Harris. I LOVE him.

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Timothy Buckwalter said...

The Peter Crimmins that used to be in Berkeley but is now on WHYY? I know that guy. The world keeps getting smaller...