Monday, November 01, 2010

I'm voting against the Republican party and not for the Democrats. But I absolutely vote and I vote Democratic to prevent the very real issues that can impact our lives in horrific ways if the Republican party is in power. George W. Bush. Remember that? That administration was as destructive and evil as they come and we're going to be digging out for the rest of my life.

Do I think the Democratic party represents my interests? No. Do I think that having the Republicans/ Tea Party in power reduces the quality of my life and the lives of all Americans? Yes. Do Republicans/ Tea Party representatives have a negative global impact? Yes. If the Democrats are the majority of elected representatives, will it make a difference in the quality of my life, in the lives of all Americans and have a global impact? Yes. But not by much.

However, fuck the Republicans and fuck the Democrats. Democrats, we just came out of the worst time period of American history in my life time, and you're letting a fucking Karl Roveesque machine Edward Bernays it up by subverting true political discourse? Are you fucking kidding me?

I'm by the ballot or by the bullet and I hope that the bullet never has to happen.

I'm also putting this out there. Fuck all you people who are preventing me from getting married. Fuck you. You know, I'm against marriage as a forced cultural norm and think we should be open to all other modes of family construction, but I want to be married at this point and I should have the right to do so. Fuck your bigotry.


History will absolve Mike said...

I am going to post this video.
Unfortunately the few of us that are pissed off at the whole system remains so small and shrinks as time goes by.
Television and Facebook and video games have eaten the brains out of the fucking skulls of the electorate.
And what do these technological advancements all have in common?

ZS said...

I'm so unhappy about the incredible gullibility of the electorate. What the fuck are you people thinking? And I'm nervous about the dwindling numbers of us who are reluctant to vote because we're then complicit in perpetuating a failed and unjust system. But I'm good with voting. And I'm forming the "Join or Die Party" now.

A.S. said...

I could not agree more.