Thursday, October 28, 2010

Working non-stop on On The Beach and I'm having a really hard time with Bathers.

I'm feeling one of these two and going back and forth and right now the bottom one is winning out.

bathers in oiled water_1327 web

bathers in oiled water_1332 web


Sakabaka said...

Originally I thought the top one was better, then it dawned on me that the black stuff in the bottom one was oil...if it is, then the bottom one is definitely better and it has a deep message with it. The bathers are moving away from the oil, some even running, but they are not running towards shore and presumed safety, but rather towards deeper water where the oil they seem to be fleeing came from...just my take...great blog.

Mithras said...

The curves of the oil, the booms, and the line of bathers all work together in the bottom one.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree that the lower photo is stronger because it shows oil damage but perhaps this could also be a vertical diptych shown the way you posted it here.

Whatever you decide, Good Stuff.

Allan Smithee