Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thanks to the great Carla Williams for asking me to come to RIT. I love Carla. RIT! You people made the right move hiring the genius who is Carla Williams!

It's a little torturous talking and talking about yourself but I got through it aok. What's so interesting is that I'm giving 2 more talks in the next 3 weeks and while they're similar, they all have a different emphasis. I'm giving a talk at ICP and it will be heavier on photography and theory and I'm giving a TED talk and it will be heavier on place and site-specificity of project.

Also, because I know Alex Mechanick will be watching the TED talk I will have to mention my most amazing achievement, reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy AND The Hobbit aloud to him and Brian. This art career is incredible and whatnot, but I'm talking Lord of the Rings here.

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simon ingall said...

Did RIT Record the talk? I am an RIT alumni and I would love to see or hear it.