Thursday, October 07, 2010

Congratulations 2010 Pew Fellows

I was a little bummed that no poets got one but I'm thrilled that Chuck Treece is now a Pew Fellow! McRad! Philadelphia Hardcore forever, baby!

Max Apple (fiction writer)
Melanie Bilenker (jewelry maker)
John Blake, Jr. (jazz violinist/composer/arranger)
Kara Crombie (video artist)
William Daley (clay artist)
Orrin Evans (jazz pianist/composer/arranger)
Germaine Ingram (tap performer/choreographer)
Hanna Khoury (violinist/classical Arab musician)
Tina Morton (documentary filmmaker)
Jenny Sabin (architect/designer)
James Sugg (solo theater artist/sound designer/composer)
Charles “Chuck” Treece (multi-instrumentalist/producer/songwriter)

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