Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Evening On Dickinson St.

fire at neighbors house cell phone photo of fire_9500 web

fire at neighbors house gloria and mary_9502 web

fire at neighbors house antoinette_9503 web

fire at neighbors house_9476 web

fire at neighbors house gloria mary and cat_9514 web

This evening included these statements:

"Twice this week! You should go to jail!"

"Zoe! What happened?! Do you think he's cooking coke in there?! Is he freebasing? I think he's cooking coke! Zoe! Zoe!"

"Wait, was there hollering?"

"Someone's slipping him a mickey and rolling him"

"You know (name of someone I don't know) oh my god she went to school with my Donna, her poor family. she's one of the regular whores."

"Oh I love her, she's got a beautiful face"- this was about a cat

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