Thursday, September 16, 2010

Judith Schaechter Project Page

Judith Schaechter is looking to fund a project at Eastern State Penitentiary... click above and check it out! I love Judith's work.

Judith says about this project..."My windows are not religious and they are not usually installed in architecture but are made as autonomous panels in a lightbox. I have often been asked: “What is the ideal architectural setting for your work?” and the answer is Eastern State Penitentiary."

Judith and I are both United States Artists fellows and we are neighbors... South Philly representing!
And "Schaechter" means "kosher butcher" and my great-grandmother WAS a kosher butcher!


A shout out to Rennie Harris, my other United States Artists fellowship neighbor who is also looking for money to help fund his work with the Rennie Harris Puremovement New Works Project individual donor campaign. We're on the grind to make quality work.

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Judith Schaechter said...

Thank you so much for your support, Zoe--and, not just this shout out, which is tremendously appreciated! But also I mean the emotional support you gave me on the phone. You talked me off the ledge, as it were!