Monday, September 13, 2010

Brighton: 8/5/10 - 8/11/10

Working on Brighton: 8/5/10 - 8/11/10... there's going to be one room with prints and one with a looped slideshow. Unlike my usual OCD mapping out of images, I sent over a basic structure and a number of images for the Biennial folks to choose from.

These are the first 2 of the printed images:

person with pride necklace_8616 web

for him for her for everyone_8687 web

These are the last 3 of the printed images:

fish n chips_5472 web

louise_9836_1 web

stay beautiful_8959_1 web

There's about 30 other images that they have for printing options. These two are definite for the prints:

man nude on beach_8901 web

women kissing_7419 web

There's going to be between 20 and 40 images for the slideshow and I'm finishing it right now.

pierced penis_8671 web

preston park_9229 web


Cutter said...

I LOVE this one.

Mr.F said...

Good on you!
Very nice work.
I love the sunburnt guy, totally feel him.