Thursday, August 19, 2010

grand isle beach_4965_1 web

Grand Isle, LA, US
July 31, 2010

louise_9836_2 web

Brighton, East Sussex, UK
August 9, 2010

So one week I'm working on On The Beach in the South and then the next week I'm in Brighton, England taking a look around and working during the week of gay pride. It was very difficult to move from one thing to the next for a number of reasons, but after the big Brighton Pride event I ran into Louise on the beach. She was working and I stopped and asked if I could make some photos of her. Obviously, she's so beautiful, and handsome, but she also had a quiet and knowing way that made me feel like I knew her and I practically ran over to her to ask if I could make her photo. Louise was wearing the same vest that the clean up workers in Mississippi were wearing but she and I were at a body of water that's an ocean and a continent away from where I just was in the South.

There's no connection other than coincidence, but I know that meeting her and making these photos feels connected to the On The Beach. And for some reason that I can't figure out, it feels reassuring. Solid and comforting. Thanks for your time and consideration, Ms. Wilder. You are great.

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Anonymous said...

So many great pictures! You never fail...Matt