Thursday, August 05, 2010

Good Morning From Heathrow

This trip has kicked off in quite an auspicious manner. First, no one in the middle seat. Then, I ended up sitting in a row with Stewart, a gay guy from right outside Glasgow who is headed to Brighton in a few weeks and is going to hook me up with meeting his friend Kevin in Brighton. And we're planning on having a drink when we both get back to Philadelphia. Baggage was here. I was able to call my #1 lady with no problem. I started thinking about colonialism, post-colonialism, imperialism and globalization while waiting in the customs line and was so insanely worked up in my own head that I didn't once think, "if I don't get out of this line I'm going to kill someone." It was easy to find where I'm taking the bus from. I'm sitting right now and enjoying an almond latte at Krispy Kreme in the Bus/Airline Arrival area, which is clean and aesthetically pleasing, and I'm using free wifi. And in addition, I am functional enough to type this.

But let's take a look at what's really what. Here's what I'm sitting across from right now.

rocky slot machines at heathrow airport_4123 web

You are viewing a bank of Rocky slot machines, which were obviously placed here to greet me. G-d bless us all.


coming up, my obsession with the picture of a young queen Elizabeth on all the money here. What?

And... as suggested by my lady, a new feature on "pads of the world." I believe I have some Spanish pads that I brought home from Madrid and I'll make a purchase of pads here, so this feature will be off to a great start!


History Will Absolve Mike said...

Ha! I won another bet.

ZS said...

No you didn't... NEXT Thursday!

Rondell said...

Ooh ZS! You finna press your luck on them machines??

Bex Hatfield said...

Love the light in this photo. The blues on the wall panel and the purple on the door are amazing.