Saturday, July 03, 2010

Thanks to the Philadelphia Weekly I am legit and looking at an oil spill fly-over either this coming Tuesday or Thursday. I'll be flying out of Houma, LA.

And it seems like I'll be able to get on a chartered boat ride with the NRDC. The NRDC is doing an enormous amount of work in the Gulf and is going to be opening a much needed resource center in Buras, LA this week.


Mithras said...


I also have a possible hookup for you: A captain of one of the cleanup vessels. He can't take you out on the boat (against the rules) but he might be able to steer you to locals who can and/or who know the affected communities.

Message me and I'll send you the details.

Anonymous said...

re: PW

Great News!

Have a safe flight. And click some great documentation.

Allan Smithee