Friday, July 02, 2010

A Shoutout to Springboard Media

Today, you know, as I'm working on a trip involving a tremendous amount of planning, stress, money and all day computer usage, my computer crashed. Right, fuck you.

With crossed fingers, my computer should be covered. But because I bought my computer at Springboard over on Walnut street, I was able drop off my busted computer in the middle of the afternoon and get a loaner computer, WITH ALL MY DATA ON IT, by the time they closed at 6pm. THANK YOU SPRINGBOARD!


A.S. said...

Right on!
Sorry about the stress.
Hey, I donated for your trip, but it said you will only get the money at the end if you reach your goal.
Can't I just give "you" some money?

ZS said...

Oh my god thank you for giving me some cash! And I am down with both donations, but the USArtists page takes care of taxes and the idea is to make a reasonable budget and reach the goal, so it's like a grant program you set up yourself. I have to make the 4000 bucks or I don't get anything and I absolutely have to make it because I just spent that invisible money booking my trip for Monday.