Friday, July 30, 2010

Penn's Landing: A Proud Heritage

I haven't been to Penn's Landing in quite sometime, but I was incredibly pleased to see that Penn's Landing is still the hub for urban attention seekers. Since the 70s, Penn's Landing has been a constant home to rollerskaters, jugglers, mimes and any number of men who own exotic pets and like to walk around with them. "Breakdancers" too, although I would say "dancers who perform in the style of Rerun from What's Happening."

Look, I'm 40 and I know the Siren's cry of Penn's Landing to these Philadelphians. I've seen the ballroom rollerskating moves being performed in front of a giant speaker that had a purple fur covering. I was there in 1976, celebrating the bicentennial. I know Newmarket. This is why my heart was filled with joy when we saw this lady performing hula hoop moves at an outdoor concert. She had nothing to do with the show, she just opted to perform in a crowded space where another event was happening. And she was pissed if people got too close. Keep the flame burning lady! I'm just a little sad there wasn't a shirtless guy with an albino snake around his shoulders. Or a macaw, I'd take a macaw on his shoulder.

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