Wednesday, July 28, 2010

At the airport on the way home I met a guy, Jack, who works in oil spill management. Among the many, many things he told me regarding the oil spill were...

1. oil will breakdown into fertilizer and crude oil is a great fertilizer

2. I expressed concern that the number of dispersants used could cause long term problems he said that we use dispersants everyday, like dawn dishwashing detergent.

3. After showing him a photo I made of oiled water running inland into a marsh he said they'll probably burn the marshes which they do every few years anyway.

Burning the marshes was a real shocker. What? Burn the marshes? Burn wetlands? Now, I know very very little about geology, biology and organic chemistry, let me get that out the way, but while burning oil affected marshes is a option due to desperation in lessening the impact of the spill... wetlands are not burned every few years. Stop me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty certain that there's no "every few years controlled burns" in the Louisiana wetlands.

Jack believes that things will be fine within the next couple of months, and I hope that he is completely right.

Click here for his personal blog. I suggest that people take a look at it and read all of the Louisiana oil spill posts. I asked if I could link to it and even though I asked, I was hesitant to link to it because it's a personal blog, but I think it's important to read it due to his job as a contacted oil spill manager.

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