Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zoe Strauss Bio

Writing a bio blows. Here's my new one...

Zoe Strauss, born 1970, is an installation artist and photographer living and working in Philadelphia, PA. Strauss recently completed “Under I-95,” a 10 year long project that culminated in an installation of photographs under interstate 95 in South Philadelphia. She has exhibited in the 2006 Whitney Biennial, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Philadelphia ICA and had two solo shows at Bruce Silverstein Gallery. In 2005, Ms. Strauss was awarded a Pew Fellowship in the Arts and in 2007 she was awarded a USA Gund Fellowship. Her first monograph, America, was published in 2008.

Ms. Strauss is the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Public Art Project.


Here's the bio I'd like,

Zoe Strauss is a lesbian anarchist from Philadelphia, PA.


History Will Absolve Mike said...

Go with the 2nd one. Fuck it.

ZS said...

I'm going with the second one. Literally sending it out right now.

History Will Absolve Mike said...

Jesus Christ woman, I love you.

Joe (Pops) said...

I've loved your work for years. I'm a good friend of HeartAsArena (work with him). I was happy to see you're an anarchist...My Great Uncle is Ammon Hennacy, was of the original pioneers of anarchy in this country. Thank you for sharing your talents with the're amazing.