Saturday, May 29, 2010

Welcome Summer

jersey turnpike_4699 web

jersey turnpike_4663 web

jersey turnpike_4596_1 web

jersery turnpike_4313 web

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LB Captain Fantastic_4292 web

Silver Ball Museum


amber said...

i'm starting to feel the love for lynn.

Heart As Arena said...

Just to be clear. You have changed my life with the knowledge of the pinball museum. Srsly. I am totally taking a carpal tunnel vacation and getting the week long ticket.

Anonymous said...

the 1st four photos could be Gerhard Richter paintings. I like.

Allan Smithee

Heart As Arena said...

And don't EVEN get me started on the great Capt. Fantastic machine Lynn has her hand on. It's the second machine I ever learned to cheat on, which meant hours and hours and hours of play. OK. 2 games for a quarter. 1st game: Shoot the ball into the game and then lift the front of the machine up. Maneuver the ball to one of the side gutters. Gently put the machine back on the floor with the ball getting stuck on the gutter rollover trigger (Which is worth 1000 pts.). Press play to begin 2nd game. Just keep flicking the flippers and the vibration will be enough to trigger a 1000 pts with each flick. Get friends involved. Run up your wins to 25 games. Play for the afternoon.

ZS said...

Good eye, Mr. Smithee! Richter is at home from Dresden to the Jersey Turnpike and is often in my thought.

Annnnd Brent. Carpel tunnel worthy for sure. You won't believe how great it is.

Anonymous said...

re: good eye

Forgot to mention the photograph of Lynn...

Very fitting she's wearing a "10" t-shirt. Thumbs up.

Allan Smithee