Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time Travelling

time travel view from plane_0663 web

time travelling_0621 portal web

time travelling_0817 web

time travelling_0711 web

time travelling _1593 web

I can't get over how we time travel all the time. On this vacation I effectively traveled 3 hours into the past and could speak to someone at home who was then living 3 hours in the future. 3 hours in the future IN THE SAME MOMENT! A TIME CONTINUUM SHIFT JUST USING AN AIRPLANE AND A PHONE!

I want to create "portals," which would just be live feeds, from interesections with the same named streets, one on the west coast and one on the east coast, that allow people to see others living in a parallel universe. The same named intersection, 3 hours into the future or into the past.

8th and Oxford, Philadelphia, PA

8th and Oxford, Los Angeles, CA

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Steve said...

A stretch, but you'd have to include John Street Cafe at Philadelphia & Lombard in Portland Oregon:


and... John Street's kitchen at his house in Philadelphia...?