Saturday, May 08, 2010

Some I-95.FIN Writings and Photos

Photo by Pilar Berguido



Under I-95, Art For All One Last Time by Peter Dobrin

Cigarettes and Purity by Mel Trittin

Phrequency Blog

I-95 2010 by Melody Kramer

Zoe Strauss - 10th and Final Under I-95 Show by Pilar Berguido

I-95.10 Flickr Pool


Originally uploaded by Melody Kramer


Thanks to all who recorded the day, in words or images. Thanks to everyone who attended. Thanks to all who participated.


Thanks to Dan and Aaron, for their incredible generosity in coming to film the the event. I can't wait to see both of you guys again.
Thanks to Fin and Q for a can of champagne. That was amazing.
Thanks to Ruben for know how much I'd love the old Cosmo covers with Gia on the cover.
Thanks to all the people who came from really far places, like Ben. And thanks those who accidentally stopped by because they were going to Target for cat litter, like Jonah and Luke.

Thanks to my family, immediate and extended... Buddy and Rita Baker, Sarah Faux, Jane Roberts.

And to Liz and Angela.
And Elle.

And here's to a spectacular moment when people from 3 of my different grade schools came up to me at the same time...
Glenn Harper repping Mayfair, Alyson Bor-Bell repping McCall, Ms. Marielle Cohen and Cathy Woods repping Greenfield.


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ruben said...

Enjoy it Zoe!
Just for you!