Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Printing For Under A Highway

Here's how the photos are prepared for I-95:

Archival ink-jet prints are printed at 838 Cantrell St. on an Epson 4800.


the prints are laminated at Taws with a 3mm matte laminate and an adhesive backing. The 3mm matte laminate is an all purpose, all-weather solution for presenting the photos. The way I'd like to present the photos is adhesive back, no lamination. That's not feasible because they wouldn't hold up in the rain for the duration of the show. And they would be too fragile to touch, and all the images should be able to be touched. So they have to be laminated.

Another option that I really like is "deep crystal lamination" which is anti-glare. I love the look of it, but it's too heavy for adhering to the pillar and has a tendency to peel up at the corners. Plus, it's super expensive.

So 3 mm lamination it is. The only downside of this kind of lamination is the glare factor, but I'm ok with that. Some images can be seen from a distance and are more difficult to see right up on them unless someone gets underneath them. But I'm ok with having people work to see the photos.


the prints are picked up from Taws and I trim them to the edge. Now they are sitting at the studio weighed down with stacks of books on them to keep them from curling.

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