Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Death Toll in West Virginia Coal Mine Blast Hits 25 By Ian Urbina

"Phil Smith, a spokesman for the United Mine Workers of America, said that the mine was nonunion but that the union had dispatched a team to advise on the rescue and to help the families of the trapped or dead miners."


"For at least six of the past 10 years, federal records indicate, the Upper Big Branch mine has recorded an injury rate worse than the national average for similar operations. The records also show that the mine had 458 violations in 2009, with a total of $897,325 in safety penalties assessed against it last year. It has paid $168,393 in safety penalties.

'Massey’s commitment to safety has long been questioned in the coalfields,' said Tony Oppegard, a lawyer and mine safety advocate from Kentucky.

Those concerns were heightened in 2006 when an internal memo written by Mr. Blankenship became public. In the memo, Mr. Blankenship instructed the company’s underground mine superintendents to place coal production first.

'This memo is necessary only because we seem not to understand that the coal pays the bills,' he wrote."

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patcaribou said...

pardon my inappropriately elitist sounding comment but i reckon the majority of their employees are ardent GOP voters and listen to rush limbaugh on there way to work every day...many probably think unions are a bad thing that helped to destroy America's economy.