Sunday, April 25, 2010

As I've been thinking about projects I'd like to work on, one is about Nogales... Nogales Sonora, Mexico/ Nogales Arizona, USA. I've been reading a lot about Nogales and know that I want to work on something there.

Nogales, Sonora

Nogales, Arizona


Ellen Rennard said...

Nogales is amazing. It helps to speak Spanish and, if you go, be careful. Used to be safe but the border towns have gotten pretty bad.

Pediatrician said...

I worked at a clinic there for a summer and lived in Sonoita, about 30 mins away. The town of Patagonia is also very cool a bit north of there. Town of Tubac is a cool artist community. Diana Mahar

ZS said...

Thanks, friends! My Spanish is abysmal so I'm hoping to construct a project after I can get to more than my 3 word Spanish vocab.