Friday, April 23, 2010

Alex Mechanick's Support of Doug Pike

Do you know about Doug Pike? OK, I don't really know about Doug Pike but I know Alex Mechanick would like you to vote for Doug Pike in this online poll. Who is Alex? I was Alex's babysitter for many, many years and will generally do what he asks because I love him so much. And he is a genius with political ambitions, so I'm a little surprised that he's not running for congress in the 6th.

Who is Doug Pike? Doug Pike is running for congress in the PA house district 6 primary. Click on the title and vote for him if you are a supporter.

Here's what Alex says about why this poll matters...
"The last thing this district is another Bob Roggio, unable to talk in depth on policy and unable to run a single TV ad against Gerlach. And that's exactly what Manan Trivedi is - a guaranteed Republican win in the fall." And no one wants that.

And here's a little extra something he wrote that was intended to push me over the line...
"P.S. I was very tempted to slip the line "now is the time for all good former babysitters to come to the aid of their party" but I resisted the temptation. Kinda."

Alex knows that I am an anarchist and am beholden to no party... but if he's referring to the "former babysitter" party, he knows that's a party I'll rush to aid.

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