Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aisle 3

74. Philadelphia, PA (Daddy Tattoo)
74 daddy tattoo woman.jpg

75. Denver, CO (Balloons By Judy's House)
balloons_3431-Edit web

76. Fairbanks, AK (It's A Long Way To The Top)
Its a long way to the top_9424 web

77. NA

78. Philadelphia, PA (Green and Red Food Market)
food market 5_1 web

79. Gulfport, MS (Venetian Blinds Blown Out)
windows blown out venetian blinds

80. Philadelphia, PA (I----- Smoking)
76 I---- smoking crack.jpg

81. Whittier, AK (Whittier Basketball)
whittier basketball court_9850 web

82. Camden, NJ (Thin Woman with Cherry Water Ice)
thin woman camden18 web.jpg

83. Atlantic City, NJ (Red Carpet Mirror Ceiling)
hotel room ceiling_mirror red carpet 2751_2 copy 2_1 web

84. Camden, NJ (Lisa)
lisa_7939 web

85. Las Vegas, NV (Giant Mouth Pleasures)
72 giant mouth pleasures21.jpg

86. Philadelphia, PA (Neighbor in Street)
neighbor_0118 web

87. Philadelphia, PA (Take A New Look)
take a new look cropped web

88. Camden, NJ (Camden Vent)
95 camden vent

89. Asbury Park, NJ (Asbury Tilly)
93 asbury-park-tilly-2.jpg

90. Philadelphia, PA (Rosemarie's Bed)
rosemarie bed_9907_3 web

91. Camden, NJ (Camden Crack)
88 crack camden  copy.jpg

92. Philadelphia, PA (Ridge Ave.)
ridge ave 2008_7809 web

93. Asbury Park, NJ (Alarm Calls Police)
85 alarm-calls-police-2.jpg

94. Philadelphia, PA (Leo's Mantle with Medications Flash)
leo's mantle with medications 2 web leo

95. Philadelphia, PA (Showing Sternum Scar)
e_____ showing sternum scar_7668_1 web

96. Biloxi, MS (Shirt and Pants Hanging)
147_shirts and pants hanging-1-1 PRINTED printed web

97. Camden, NJ (Salt Pile)
salt pile camden10_1 web.jpg

98. Philadelphia, PA (I Love You Memorial)
83- I love you.jpg

99. Las Vegas, NV (Kelley)
Kelley web.jpg

100. Miami, FL (Man in Wheelchair)
man in wheelchair_0104-Edit_1 web

101. Philadelphia, PA (Holding Crack)
hands_holding_crack_7621_3 web

102. Philadelphia, PA (Ice on Stairs in Projects)
103- ice on stairs in tasker projects.jpg

103. Crystal, NV (Honey He Really Fuck Up)
vikki 4 web.jpg_ honey he really fuck up

104. Philadelphia, PA (Woman In Yellow At Berks El Stop)
woman in yellow shirt at berks el stop_0149 web

105. Las Vegas, NV (Motel Deadly Quiet)
96 motel deadly quiet....jpg

106. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer with Blunt)
101 froggy carr mummer smoking blunt 4.jpg

107. Palmer, AK (Landing Strip)
fairgrounds parking lot palmer landing strip_6701 web

108. Philadelphia, PA (Gunshot in Leg on Gurney)
on gurney gunshot in leg web.jpg

109. Philadelphia, PA (Titanic)
109 titanic2

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