Tuesday, April 13, 2010

195. Las Vegas, NV (We Will Win)
195. we will win .jpg

196. Las Vegas, NV (Ken and Don)
ken and don 5_3 web.jpg

197. Muckleshoot Reservation (Kaia)
kaia_2525_1 web

198. Philadelphia, PA (Frank Sinatra)
frank 3-1web

199. Biloxi, MS (Mom Were OK)
gulf towers apts mom were ok4-1web copy

200. Philadelphia, PA (Flowers on Table)
flowers_6165 web

201. Philadelphia, PA (Nicks Pizza)
nick's pizza_3877 web

202. Anchorage, AK (How Universal Can It Be?)
how universal can it be?_5870 web

203. Crystal, NV (Art Showing Loaded Revolver)
art showing loaded 45 revolver_1_1_web copy.jpg

204. Northern New Jersey (Three Smokestacks from Train)
3 smokestacks web

205. Philadelphia, PA (Sisters)
sisters_1 web

206. Chicago, IL (Woman at Cabrini Green)
woman at cabrini-green 2 web

207. Philadelphia, PA (Melissa's Handstand)
207 melissa's handstand4-1

208. Camden, NJ (Bail Bonds)
bail bonds 1-1web

209. Philadelphia, PA (2922 Princeton Ave.)
9-2922 Princeton Ave copy

210. Camden, NJ (Camden Teardrop)
205 camden teardrop .jpg

211. Philadelphia, PA (I Love You Billy)

212. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer w/ Bud)
212. -mummer drinking bud pinky up.jpg

213. Philadelphia, PA (Seafood Soul)
204 seafood-soul-2.jpg

214. Wynnewood, PA (Star)
216. star w foreground.jpg

215. Camden, NJ (Two Women Camden)
two women camden 6_1_1 michelle and lindaweb.jpg

216. Asbury Park, NJ (Asbury The City)
197 asbury-park-the-city-2.jpg

217. Biloxi, MS (Gold Tooth Wedding Ring)
gold tooth wedding ring cropped web

218. Philadelphia, PA (Basketball Hoop)
202 basketball-hoop-2.jpg

219. Ocean Springs, MS (We Love Having You Here)
we love having you here_5443_1 web

220. Philadelphia, PA (Victory Annex)
227. victory annex2.jpg

221. Auburn, WA (Drive In)
drive in_2946 web

222. Pahrump, NV (Fireworks)
222. fireworks truck10.jpg

223. Biloxi, MS (MLK Parade Orange)
mlk parade biloxi_5819 web

224. Asbury Park, NJ (Good Food Here)
201 good-food-here-3.jpg

225. Philadelphia, PA (New Years Blazer)
happy new year blazer 6 web

226. Camden, NJ (White Trash Whorse)
213. white trash whorse go home

227. Philadelphia, PA (Interior Election Night)
election day_5566 web

228. Philadelphia, PA (Don't Drink or Sit Deleted)
don't drink or sit_7387 web

229. Philadelphia, PA (Angel)
229 angel-2.jpg

230. Lectoure Gers France (Butcher Shop)
butcher shop_9653_1 web

231. Philadelphia, PA (Call Unto Me)
231 call-unto-me3

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