Tuesday, April 13, 2010

146. Madrid, Spain (Woman Holding Dead Bird)
woman showing dead bird_7565 web

147. Philadelphia, PA (South Philly Fireworks Reed and Juniper)
illegal fireworks pinwheel 2 web

148. Philadelphia, PA (New Tattoo Jorge)
new tattoo jorge 2web

149. Anchorage, AK (Skateland)
skateland_5500 web

150. Philadelphia, PA (Everything)
everything store8-1web

151. Biloxi, MS (Vincent)
vincent_7182_1 web

152. Philadelphia, PA (Smoking in Bed)
son smoking in bed 1 web.jpg

153. Philadelphia, PA (Death to the KKK)
death to the kkk_4228 web

154. Ocean City, NJ (Chanel Navel Ring)
chanel navel ring_6909 web

155. Las Vegas, NV (Satisfaction Guaranteed)
satisfaction guaranteed closed walmart web

156. Philadelphia, PA (Do Rag)
doo rag

157. Pottsville, PA (Visitors)

158. Fairbanks, AK (Home on Trailer)
home on trailer_9141 web

159. Camden, NJ (Christine Putting On Eyeliner)
christine 2_1 web

160. Philadelphia, PA (Gunshot Wound)
gunshot 3 web

161. Philadelphia, PA (Phylicia's Wall)
fee fee's phylicia wall w her drawings web

162. Philadelphia, PA (Merry Christmas House)
merry christmas house 3_1 web

163. Scranton, PA (Hillary Supporter)
Lily_2010-Edit_hillary_1 web

164. Philadelphia, PA (Bags on Floor)
146_ blood under examiners bags_3_1_1 web carpet red carpet

165. Philadelphia, PA (Victoria Hysterectomy Scar)
146-victoria hysterectomy scar print 4x6 copy

166. Rural Southern NV (Most We Feared)
most we feared web.jpg

167. Philadelphia, PA (Smoking at Stove)
162 e----- smoking

168. Gulfport, MS (TV on Second Floor)
tv on 2nd floor1web copy

169. Las Vegas, NV (Casino Walkby)
casino 2_printed 6 web

170. Philadelphia, PA (Monique Showing Black Eye)
monique showing black eye web

171. New York, NY (World Trade Center)
wtc site_7106_1 web

172. Philadelphia, PA (Refinery)
refinery 1_2 web

173. Near Gorman, CA (Hills by San Andreas Fault)
southern california hills_6140_1 web

174. Philadelphia, PA (Benny Krass Jokes)
168 benny-krass-jokes.jpg

175. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer With Flag)
wench with american flag outside dolphin_9839_1 web

176. Camden County, NJ (Bushes in Front of Tech School Door)
CENSORED bushes in front of door tech school

177. Pottsville, PA (Half House Pink)
half house_8286_2 web

178. Las Vegas, NV (Man Nude on Bed)
man nude reclining on bed

179. Atlanta, GA (Equitable Reflected Outside Window)
equitable reflected outside hotel window 2web.jpg

180. Philadelphia, PA (Kelly Harper)
sexy with strawberry 1_10 percent de sat kelly web

181. Gulfport, MS (Refrigerators)
refrigerators_4636_2 web

182. Las Vegas, NV (Bed With Pillows)
bed with pillows_1 web.jpg

183. Muckleshoot Reservation (Holding Xmas Present)
holding bb gun_2539 web_ christmas present xmas

184. Gulfport, MS (Fist with Dollars)
quick cash pawn fist dollars 7-1web copy

185. Philadelphia, PA (High Hopes)
high hopes_7181_1 web

186. Philadelphia, PA (Shark Bite)
shark bite_1937_web

187. Philadelphia, PA (Swastika Tattoos)
swastika 5 web

188. Landsdowne, PA (Good Night)
good night_7839 web

189. Las Vegas, NV (No Trespassing with Man Walking)
no trespassing man on stairs 4 web.jpg

190. Philadelphia, PA (Jean)
jean_9848_1 3 web

191. Camden County, NJ (Stay Alive)
stay alive web.jpg

192. Philadelphia, PA (Election Night)
election day_6202 web

193. Madrid, Spain (Woman Selling Lottery Tickets)
woman selling lottery tickets_9775 web

194. Philadelphia, PA (Mattress Flip)
194 mattress flip.jpg

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