Tuesday, April 13, 2010

110. Springfield, PA (Chandelier)
chandelier_4744_3 web

111. Philadelphia, PA (Marines Billboard)
111 marines billboard.jpg

112. Wildwood, NJ (Redemption)
redemption_2621_2 web

113. Philadelphia, PA (American Face Paint Making Out)
american face paint making out mummers web

114. Philadelphia, PA (Man's Back)
man's mans back flash .jpg

115. Monmouth County, NJ (All Americans)
110 all-americans-time3.jpg

116. Muckleshoot Reservation, WA (Johnny Moses)
johnny_3174_1 web

117. Las Vegas, NV (Allied Forces)
allied forces job center4web

118. Philadelphia, PA (Vietnam Hand)
119 vietnam-hand-2

119. Camden County, NJ (This Is Your Warning)
this is your warning web

120. New Orleans, LA (Red, White and Blue Gas Station)
red white and blue gas station_5136 web

121. Chicago, Il (Woman Throwing Box from Window)
cabrini-green throwing box out of window-1-3web

122. Las Vegas, NV (Father and Son Greyhound)
father and son at greyhound bus station fin web.jpg

123. Near Reading, PA (You Can Feel Good About)
129 you can feel good about copy.jpg

124. Philadelphia, PA (Cars)
cars_4224_2 web

125. Philadelphia, PA (Let's Roll/ Anxious)
138 lets roll anxious depressed?

126. Palmer, AK (Car at Water)
car at water_0885 web

127. Philadelphia, PA (Dollar Magic)
dollar magic_2_1 web

128. Limerick, PA (Virginia)
virginia_4373-Edit web

129. Biloxi, MS (McDonalds)
mcdonalds sign warped15-1web copy

130. New York, NY (Sincere's Arm)

131. Denver, CO (Judy Padilla)

132. Las Vegas, NV (Circus Circus from Parking Lot)
circus circus parking lot view out working 19_1 web.jpg

133. El Paso, TX (Woman at US/Mexico Border)

134. Philadelphia, PA (Bulletholes)
113-bulletholes 1 copy.jpg

135. Chicago, IL (Yes We Did)
yes we did_0510_1 printing web

136. Philadelphia, PA (Linda Sunoco)
linda sunoco 3 woman store kensington web

137. Near Ellengowan, PA (Coal Billboard)

138. Las Vegas, NV (Sheila and William)
sheila and william15-sharpen email

139. Philadelphia, PA (Keep the Fuck Out)
Keep the fuck out 4x6 web

140. Philadelphia, PA (Buddy)
buddy_6398 web

141. El Paso, TX (Carlos Parents On Bed)

142. Philadelphia, PA (Paris In Jail)
paris in jail

143. Philadelphia, PA (Alzheimer's)
144_ alzheimers alzheimer's .jpg

144. El Paso, TX (Power/Ower)
power ower el paso_0012 web

145. Gulfport, MS (Clothes In Lot)
clothes in lot gulfport3-1web

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