Monday, March 29, 2010

There are exceptions to all of general guidelines that I use for making my photos, nothing is locked down. But they are all are flat, embracing 2 dimensionality. And almost all of the portraits are images made in collaboration with the person posing for the portrait. And from start to finish I have worked to make images that are not precious, images that can stand up to poor quality color coping, lose all highlight and shadow and withstand huge color range shifts, and still retain their integrity. For the most part I've been able to hold fast to that although it's been a struggle.

Photos that are direct and subtle simultaneously. Photos without great sentimentality. Photos that look like snapshots but with formal elements. Photos that reference the history of photography and the history of painting. Photos that are all constructed within the moment, with no set up. No staging, simple, familiar. And photos that will work being shown outside, under a highway.

Happy Passover.


Cutter said...

Happy Passover to you. :)

jo said...

Your honest, no bullshit approach (to your work and in this blog) is really inspiring.

ZS said...

Happy Passover my friend...and a happy Ostara to you as well. And thanks for your kind words, Jo!