Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I-95 Volunteer Call

I need help for I-95 this year. So if you can help out, I would be incredibly appreciative. I need help with 2 big things... cleaning as always... and a new thing I need a lot of help with for this last year, giving out maps and helping with info during the show.

Cleaning is scheduled for

April 24th at 1PM
May 1 at Noon

and the morning of the show, anytime before noon on May 2nd.


If you can help on the day of... giving out maps, answering questions, smoothing down photos... that would be great. The info training meeting for volunteers will be on May 1 at 3PM at PAP Headquarters.

Please send an email to mariannaatpap@gmail.com and let her know if you can help with either of these things. THANKS!

More information about these dates is forthcoming.


I-95 prep is in full gear.

PAP staff working


Mithras said...

I'll be there for the cleaning times.

ZS said...

I still have your broom!

mannyd said...

great i had to be taped doing nothing and playing scrabble on my iphone! haha i suck!

ZS said...

I suck more... I'm walking around doing nothing!

History Will Absolve Mike said...

What would you like me to do?
Your wish is my command. I even look like a weathered version of a genie. I have certainly spent enough time in a bottle to qualify.
Have I told you what an amazing week I had and that you had something to do with it? It is a good time to make demands. I am bordering on the euphoric and on the front end of a winning streak.