Monday, March 15, 2010

I-95 has gone according to plan with one exception, and it's a pretty big surprise to me. I had intended for the final show to be "the final piece" but that's not how I see it now, the entire thing is the piece, the process and the finished piece are one. I found this out as I was finishing the order for this final show. I had anticipated that the 2010 installation would be a grouping that was less about place and time than the final grouping actually is. I also thought that the final show would be the strongest individual photos, but that how it works... they have to work together in a way that connects the images from one to the next, both across and in sequence and in the full body. Something that I've strived for, for the installation to read like a sort of palindrome, is in full effect and that's impacted the photo choices as well.

That's why these 2 have to be in it...

yes we did_0510_1 printing web

Lily_2010-Edit_hillary_1 web

And this, which I prefer, is not in it...

never ending fun_2 web

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Cutter said...

Shoot the show and present it for an "encore". *shrugs* Just my thoughts on it. ;)