Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here's an example of the difficulty I'm having...

Below is a photo of Jean Bruno at her home. Jean lives around the corner from my studio, next to the 7-11.

jean_9848_1 3 web

I love this photo, but can't place it this year. And this photo's important for many reasons. Jean is Angelo Bruno's daughter and lives her father's home, where he was murdered right outside sitting in his car.

Photo by unknown Philadelphia police crime photographer

Angelo Bruno ran the Philadelphia mob for two decades and the murder photo graced all three of Philadelphia's newspapers the day after he was shot.

The murder of Angelo Bruno brought a lot of changes to Philadelphia and is a important part of Philadelphia history. And here's Jean in her kitchen that saw the planning of underworld activity that shaped the city. During my visit with Jean we looked at photo albums that had photos of her and Frank Sinatra and Philip "Chicken Man" Testa at family parties.

Lynn and I saw Jean at 7-11 last week buying kitty litter. As we were walking out Jean and I made a plan for me to stop by next week when I was a little settled down. Then, my hand to G-d this is exactly what transpired, Jean said "Don't tell anybody this secret: old lady, wet pussy," and then she turned and walked back to her house.

Now, the photo of Jean is good... but I'm taking into account Jean's history and my experiences with her when thinking about placement, which is why I want it in so bad. But there's no explanation of Jean's whole thing at 95. The image is it in the installation. And while the image is solid, I think there are others that might make it in place of it.


Right after I finished writing this, I had to come back in and edit this post because I really feel like Jean has to be in it.


Anonymous said...

If you can't fit her in, why not make postcards/invites for I-95.10 featuring this image?

ZS said...

That is an excellent suggestion, but after listing the compelling reasons for the photo to be in the final installation and still leave it out... I got burned because I was too convincing about why it needed to go in and so now Jean is going to replace "Mummers Kissing Top Hat." I was on the fence about it but as soon as I listed the personal reasons, I know I feel too strongly about it to let it go.

And thank you for your thoughtful consideration of my work. It means a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

re: I was on the fence about it but as soon as I listed the personal reasons, I know I feel too strongly about it to let it go.

That's why you're an awesome artist.

Cutter said...

end of story.