Monday, March 22, 2010

Aisle 1

1. Philadelphia, PA (If You Reading This)
1 if you reading this 2

2. Camden. NJ (Woman in Salmon Shirt)
woman in salmon shirt camden_1web.jpg

3. Philadelphia, PA (Save)

4. Philadelphia, PA (Wawa Parking Lot)
walking reflection wawa parking lot_9087_2 web

5. Philadelphia, PA (Bed in the Little Room)
3-the little room copy bed

6. Philadelphia, PA (Kike Grocery)
16 kike groceryemail

7. Philadelphia, PA (Nan and Petey)
nan and petey_7065 web

8. Philadelphia, PA (Metropolitan Hospital)
15- metropolitan hospital

9. Philadelphia, PA (9th and Snyder Lottery)
lottery tickets 9th and snyder web_1

10. Madrid, Spain (Woman With Red Hair)
woman with red hair and blue dress_8135 web

11. PA Turnpike (Econolodge)
econo lodge_econolodge_2299-Edit_1 web

12. Chicago, IL (Tonya)
tonya_Tanya_1 web

13. Fairbanks, AK (Fairbanks Truck)
fairbanks truck_9210 web

14. Atlantic City, NJ (Blue and Red Motel)
blue and red motel hotel web.jpg

15. Philadelphia, PA (Two Pregnant Women)
two pregnant women_1 web.jpg

16. Philadelphia, PA (If You Break the Skin)
if you break the skin

17. Las Vegas, NV (Red Carpet)
red carpet at all star stairs web.jpg

18. Philadelphia, PA (Doors in Open Structure)
18 doors in open structure 2_1 copy.jpg

19. Philadelphia, PA (Al Showing Chest)
al_6219_1 web

20. Conyngham, PA (Top of the 80’s)
top of the 80s web

21. Muckleshoot Reservation (Sage Jumping)
sage jumping_3228_2_web

22. Philadelphia, PA (Philly Fried Chicken)
Philly fried chicken 6th st web

23. Terre Haute, IN (Together We Make Dreams Come True)
together we make dreams come true_1283-Edit_1 web
together we make dreams come true_1295-Edit_1 web

24. Philadelphia, PA (Benny Krass)
24- benny-krass.jpg

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