Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Above is where Room 771 had stood, the most dangerous building in America.


Charlie Wolf, who worked in room 771, died in 2009 from a brain tumor.

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Charlie Wolf

charlie web

Charlie Wolf Nuclear Workers Compensation Act

Rest in peace, Charlie. Thanks for all your work.


Also, while the bottom photo of Charlie was in the running, none of these are making the cut. The top one would be beautiful, as would a number of other Rocky Flats landscapes, if I wanted to construct a narative of the unseen danger, power and selfishness involved in human industry, and the masking and denial of unseen danger, power and selfishness involved in human industry.

As it is, I've kept two photos in 95 that relate to those ideas.

wtc site_7106_1 web

An overhead view of the World Trade Center site.

southern california hills_6140_1 web

And a shot of hills that are on the San Andreas fault line

the natural and the manmade, literal and figurative seismic activity. I don't feel like anyone needs to know the story behind either of these photos, and am content if people don't know the abstract photo is of the razed World Trade Centers or that the California hills photo is a photos of a San Andreas fault that's been stressed to a level sufficient for an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 or greater to happen anytime.


rocky flats later_3372

Rocky Flats

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