Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh, unwished wishes! Below is one of my favorites and one that might not make it: a simple, formal image that's weighed with magical thinking, desire and choice.

It's killing me with placement. KILLING ME.


wishbone_8491 web
This one, without a doubt, is the one I find the most aesthetically pleasing, but the light is too melancholy to work in relation to the other photos. It needs to be flat and unsparing, with no trace of being maudlin or sentimental.

wishbone_9056_1 web
I love this one, too. Jesus H. Christ, the repetition of form is spectacular to me... including a reflection that's an echoing of form! I mean come on! It's on equal footing with the one below.

wishbone_9060 web
This is the one that was in the 2009 installation, the most direct and flat. While the image with the door and the range hood could have been selected for 95, I wanted the one that presented the wishbone as unconnected and as a object seen with no relation to surrounding. The fetishistic quality of the object is equally present in both photos, but I wanted the viewer to read a connection outside of the frame. However, if one of these 2 comes back this year, I think it's going to be the one with the form repetition.

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Cutter said...

I'm partial to the middle one. Agreed ...spectacular!