Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Krass Brothers image is of great importance to the installation. For Philadelphians who are over 35, Benny Krass is an immediately recognizable face and one that evokes a great sense of connection to the city. The Benny Krass photo is one that's been in it from the beginning. I am against nostalgia and I know that the Benny Krass image can smack of nostalgia for some, but I'm willing to include it because it exemplifies a sort of locality that few other photos do, even the ones that explicitly say "Philadelphia." Because the installation isn't about the location of where the images were made, I find it important to root the installation with several images that explicitly tell about Philadelphia, to Philadelphians.

24- benny-krass.jpg


168 benny-krass-jokes.jpg

126 krass-brothers-last-day.jpg

Krass Brothers

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