Thursday, February 18, 2010

In relation to the possibly heavy-handed metaphor that could be read in the pillars' support of traffic overhead, I made a very conscious decision to include very few, if any, direct "work" photos. For the installation to be successful in allowing the open-ended epic, and myth referencing, readings that I hope it can impart, I'm more interested in presenting the movement of everyday life with a conspicuous absence of industry. As usual, there's a myriad of reasons for my decision, with the most obvious being the literal site of the installation, right along the deindustrialized, or post-industrial, Philadelphia/Camden Delaware River waterfront.

linda sunoco 3 woman store kensington web

Kelley web.jpg

Linda and Kelley are final

205 camden teardrop

Camden Teardrop is very likely.

montecito gardener_5023 web


sharon_7494 web



cinder blocks 8_1 web.jpg

Almost 100% certain

man working at car lot 3 web.jpg

back of theater w. ronald mcdonald3-195web mcdonalds

121 camden-turkey-workers-red-2

All in previous installations

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