Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am well aware that I post stream of consciousness here, with a number of photos that I don't regard as part of my body of work at all. Below is a photo of kids playing football. Now that's not part of my "work," it's just kids playing football in the snow at South Philly High. I don't care if someone sees this image and thinks it's my work, and that's because while that photo is just a snapshot I took today, it most certainly informs my work, which is so much about ordinary, everyday moments.

In this forum, it's everything here. Personal, political, banal, everyday work process, things up for serious consideration, things that are irrelevant and irreverent. I've committed to transparency and I'm putting it out there.

You know how these photographs are made? Everything goes into it and for the most part everything is extraordinary and ordinary simultaneously.


Cindy said...

I admire your commitment to transparency, Zoe.

Marc said...

Does an artist really get to decide what's considered his/her "body of work," or is it an audience distinction? Seems like you can try to raise 'em right, but once you send them out into the world you can only hope they're a proper reflection.

Anonymous said...


Long story short: I am a Swedish writer currently working on my third novel. The novel takes place, partly, in Philadelphia and in regards to that a have a question. Hope you can answer it or perhaps redirect me to someone who can answer it instead!

My question:

Is there any streetball courts in the poorer parts of Philly that has been around since the mid 1970s?

(I stayed in Philadelphia for six weeks in 1999 - I lived on Locust Street across the river from The University-near Rittenhouse Square).

Kind regards

Jens Ganman

ZS said...

Thank you Cindy!

Marc, thanks so much for that question, I think about it all the time. No, an artist doesn't get to decide their "body of work," everything has a life of it's own when you put it out in the world and the artist has very little ability to direct it once it's out there. I'm writing more about this when I'm off death's doorstep, hopefully by tomorrow.