Saturday, February 20, 2010

How is it possible that 231 is difficult to edit down? One thing I'm having difficult with is placing the number of direct gaze photos, enough so implied direct gaze is a constant presence as one moves through the installation. Looks like it will about 20-25 portraits that are similar stylistically, looking directly at the camera and filling the frame from top of head to shoulders, or above mid-chest.

Also, a battle every year for me is the editing out of some of my favorites... the austere, formal, spare, linear, obscure and inscrutable images that are so compelling to me, but impossible to make work in the installation.

rust stain_4017_2 web
an all time favorite of mine

lavapies apartment house_0598 web

The image above is one of my favorites of the year, but it's almost completely certain that it won't be included in the final installation.

lights in Chinatown

This image will be included in the final installation. It's from 2005, which means I've had enough time to know how to place it and why it matters.

nick's pizza_3877 web

This image, another of my favorites from this year, is one that I will shoehorn in come hell or high water.


Justin said...

Yes to green room!!

ZS said...

green room is 100%!