Thursday, February 25, 2010

blue building w- grass3web with grass

Here's a photo I love, but think that the spot I have in mind for it is best served with another image... although it's not an image I like as much as this one. It would be in the first aisle if it was coming in.


red carpet at all star stairs web.jpg

18 doors in open structure 2_1 copy.jpg

I'm almost 100% that these 2 images will be in Aisle 1. Doors In Open Structure is certain, an invitation to transgress as well as an inversion of standard openings and apertures... blah, blah, blah. But the implications are amplified with Red Carpet, particularly because of the imposibility of knowing the perspective of the Red Carpet Stairs photo. There are at least 10 other photos I prefer to the Red Carpet Stairs photo, but none that would work as well for the installation. And, the meaning of "red carpet" is important to the installation on the whole, not just in conjunction with "Doors in Open Structure."


Red Carpet

hotel room ceiling_mirror red carpet 2751_2 copy 2_1 web

146_ blood under examiners bags_3_1_1 web carpet red carpet
yes, or variant

red carpet at all star stairs web.jpg


Anonymous said...

It's great that you're also re-publishing those photos that won't be included in I-95 on this here blog.

Even the excluded ones are killer shots.

ZS said...

thanks, I'm working it out.