Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Day 2 of Loving to Be Alive

Yesterday was enjoyment in the Women's Imaging Center waiting room and then a cat coming in our house. Today was enjoyment in going to CVS and the Acme.

At CVS I was picking up Alprazolam and said to the guy who was ringing me up that just having the bottle was abating my anxiety... then the lady behind me says, "You taking anxiety pills? What are you taking? Let me see." Then she grabs my prescription, reads it and says ".5! That's not going to do anything! I'm on 400mgs of (something I've never heard of)." I told her that it knocks me out and she said, "You'd have to hit me in the head with a hammer to knock me out!" Really? This is a conversation that I'm having?

Now, as insanely intrusive as a stranger looking at my prescription was, it was also totally regular. I don't know why. I will say that just an aisle away I saw a neighbor looking at pregnancy tests and I refrained from running over and saying, "You think you're pregnant?". I really had to restrain myself from saying something, so I'm on the same wavelength with the 400mg taker.

After CVS I hit the Acme, where people were wilding out in fear of the next snow storm that looms like armageddon on the horizon. I had to stand in line for over 30 minutes.

acme_3349 web

Normally this would cause me to pray that I don't snap and start pulling down the shelves of candy and screaming, but for some reason I was ok with it... the woman in front of me went down her list of foods and discussed how she had to get home for some very important dip eating and sofa sitting. And the totally regular guy behind me knew every piece of celebrity gossip and US magazine-type information ever. It was pretty amazing. The highlight was when he told the woman who he was with, I think it was his daughter, "That's Robin Thicke's wife" on the cover of some fitness magazine. What?
Then 2 cashiers walked out and one yelled, "Later, Acme co-workers!"

On the way home I saw these guys shoveling off the Acme roof.


shoveling roof at Acme_3366 web


The Acme is sited on the footprint of Moyamensing Prison.

"For nearly one-hundred and forty years the Moyamensing, or New County, Prison dominated the intersection of Passyunk Avenue, 10th and Reed Streets in South Philadelphia. This eclectic, romantic structure, that included a particularly fine Egyptian-Revival wing, was destroyed in 1968. Its designer was Philadelphia architect Thomas Ustick Walter who
went on to design the dome of the United States Capitol as well as the Senate and House wings of the
Capitol as we know them today. There is but a low stone wall remaining from the prison of the 1830’s on the site along Reed Street. The large parcel of land that remained after the demolition of the prison was given over to a commercial use that would benefit a dense urban neighborhood. The commercial use remains today. When constructed, the food market was set back on its site and fronted with a large surface parking lot along both Passyunk Avenue and Reed Street."

From Passyunk Square Urban Design Recommendations


These people were locked up right where I buy lunch meat...

Emma Goldman

Charles Bukowski

Edgar Allan Poe


Ghost of South Philly

Acme Markets Flickr Group



History Will Absolve Mike said...

I once was surprised in the CVS by a very prim and proper female co-worker that was always a little nervous around me anyway. She tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around. In one hand, 18" from her nose I held a box of condoms and in the other hand an economy size tube of KY Warming Jelly. From the look on her face you would have thought I slapped her with a fresh mackerel.

ZS said...

My god I wish I had been there for that. As it is, my favorite purchase at CVS is maxi-pads.

And while I haven't succumbed to my basest desires yet, it's likely that at some point I will start packing a XXL dildo in my carry on bag because it's so often pulled aside to be hand checked. Right now I just make sure to carry "Gas-X" in the plastic "liquids" bag that has to be put in a separate container.

Kiriko said...

Moyamensing Prison by Charles Bukowski. Weird!

ZS said...

That's right.