Wednesday, February 03, 2010


The City Real & Imagined Book Launch

Wednesday, February 3, 8 p.m.

Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA)

118 S. 36th Street, University City

There's a slideshow of my photos that accompany the Conrad and Frank reading with photos made in Philadelphia or in Camden... some were serendipitously made in same places that CA and Frank went on their walk. The slideshow is very different than my usual because it both includes photos that are part of the body of my work, and a sequencing that's like my normal practice, right alongside photos that I'd never consider for exhibition but are representative of Philadelphia and Camden.

And all of the photos in the show are of this specific place, all Philadelphia area, which is not how I show my work but I think is the right thing for "The City Real and Imagined."

From "The City Real and Imagined" by CA Conrad and Frank Sherlock

"A secret admirer of Thomas Eakins
marked the site of his studio with a
plaque. The woman working at the
Valu-Plus says the workspace has
been sealed for 40 years. I've been
told I look like Eakins in a black
turtleneck. Some days the room up
there looks like mine."

phillies parade_3196 web

Man working at Valu-Plus, Eakins Annex, day of the Phillies parade.

I wouldn't include the photo above in my larger body of work, but here I was walking by Eakins studio... which is next to the Woolworths that's now West Elm and Lucky Strike.

I'm proud to know CA Conrad and Frank Sherlock and have them as my friends. Check out the reading!

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