Wednesday, February 24, 2010

childs drawing of group sex_8993 web

Above's a photo that I find so disturbing that I don't think it can be included, although I'd like to fit it in. I find it to be an image that could stop the viewer in a way that makes it too difficult to move from this image to the next. There's a few images I have in the installation that I hope work like that, ones that stop you and make it difficult to move without thinking about the previous image, but a child's drawing of group sex is one that weighs in a way that I don't know I can balance with other images. Obviously, I am not adverse to presenting painful images, but placement, placement, placement, placement, that's the backbreaking work and sometimes it makes it

Below is another image that's extremely difficult to place, if not impossible.

bloody lip17_3web


All of my photos are personal, because I'm the person who made them. For me, some of those images are personal with meaning only to me that goes beyond what the photo presents. Others photos are personal, but came from interactions with strangers and moments that came into my life. It's both ways, coming from inside and outside.

monique showing black eye web

Here's a image that epitomizes the slippage of work and life. Love you, Monique. This is such a hard photo to look at, but one that's of great importance to I-95 and of great importance to me.


The link below is another photo that I love, not disturbing but sexually graphic, and for obvious reasons can't be included in the installation
Couple In Peep Show Booth

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