Saturday, January 30, 2010

mirror ball_2372_1 web


Anonymous said...

Was reading Heart As Arena (the blog) and learned he was drunk. That's what a tweet said (true he admitted, but mostly on the good of the evening.)

Anyway, the person who tweeted (Jan Berkman) uses your "We Love Having You Here" photo as wall paper for her twitter account.

Cool, No?

ZS said...

That is cool all around... I dig both of those guys and am super excited to see that wallpaper!


Jen Bekman said...

Hah, Zoe I thought you knew about that! (And I bought a print of it too, after it was in Summer Reading @ JBG.)

You know this photo makes me s-w-o-o-n and it'd be perfect for you-know-what.

I ain't too proud to beg: Pleeeeease, pretty please.