Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm going to shoot through Valentines Day and lock down the final show by the first week of March. Get ready my friends. Get ready.

As of right now, these are being considered for the final 95. Only 3 are definite.

eat_6952 web

al_6219_1 web

flowers_6165 web

i-95 line web

right breast_5943 web

adult_5767 web

chanel navel ring_6909 web

shorty_8817 web

no worries_4584

nick's pizza_3877 web

butcher shop_9653_1 web

lavapies apartment house_0598 web

woman selling lottery tickets_9775 web

train_2005 web

lavapies wall_9845_1 web

woman with red hair and blue dress_8135 web

wench with american flag outside dolphin_9839_1 web

woman showing dead bird_7565 web

woman's bed_7544_1 web

mario_9575 web

montecito gardener_5023 web

bill_4070 web

death to the KKK_2195 web

salt pile_1619_1 web

mcdonalds window_1305_2 printing revised web

hemp lover in miller hat_ NEW _0623 printed web

yes we did_0510_1 printing web

puerto rican day east chicago_0797 printing  web

if you can dream it you can do it_8651 web

robert_8602_1 web

bev and frank bed_9468 web

sharon_7494 web

good night_7838 web

good night_7840 web

whopper_5278_1 web

ms. antoinette conti_3493_1 web

closed gm dealership_1869 web

thug life_6641 web

sticker removed_7974_1 web

lisa_7944_1 web

lisa_7916 web

lisa_7939 web

neighbor_0117 web

childs drawing of group sex_8993 web

montecito gardener_5023 web

mothers day_7855 web


Matt Weber said...

Zoe, that's one hell of an edit!
(or maybe an edit of hell)
Either way, words sometimes fail me,
but these pictures speak for themselves...

Unknown said...

Excuse me but I would like to know what your affinities for wonkey eyed white people is? There one on every corner of this blog!

nina corvallo said...

fantastic edit indeed!!

ruben said...

Looking good Zoe!