Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here's all of "America," 165 photos. As of right now it's by and far my greatest reference for working on the final I-95 layout. Mainly because it was such a difficult process for me to lay this book out and it helped me work out connections in a different way than I had been working before. I'd say about 3/4 of the book will end up in the final 95.

car lot streamers


car port two women

beds we love having you here twin

trampoline top of the 80s


if you break the skin rv

rims eileens son

kate green hood under el 9th snyder

lets roll mattress flip


kelley linda


together west virginia

man in front of soccer fans

normans escalades

cinder block corner rollercoaster

money drying and thin woman

cinderblock and salt

everything is not posing with gun

metropolitan hospital


refrigerators lao new year

women kissing pardon our dust

new tattoo jorge

equitable mouth

satisfaction gunshot

mattresses crack

christine uniform city

fire alarm palm tree

adam and eve father and son

tanya woman at cabrini tonya

tanya everything

bulletholes salmon shirt

get back up circus circus 1

circus lights hillary

virginia you future

taken down posters kaia


allied forces billboard

next drawing pa national guard guardsman

marines sisters

nodding out wheelchair

mom were

blinds back

smokestacks victoria

woman at border

report suspect no trespassing

keep the fuck out doors

car accident johnny

shot appliances dawn

half houses

flesh colored shirt he should just disapear

balloons hands

tv on second floor

mask on back of head paris in jail


brothel museum wench

wrestling how do I look


eric yani

melissa bed

tvs under tarp shot

friday is payday

biloxi vincent

cars food market

leos mantle red and blue

kissing baby econolodge

balloon stage

dollar magic truth couple

dont deleted bunny don't drink or sit


homes on cinderblocks coal billboard

indian at convenience store

casino two pregnant women

merry christmas

happy new year fire works

penitentiary sincere

cabrini green

red carpet drive through

dorthia bail bonds

jehovahs witnesses

clothes in lot e-----

circus circus parking lot red carpet pillars

two shirts most we feared

white trash flag with full moon

south philly fireworks firefighters


stay alive ken and don

light switch and thermostat doo rag

sage jumping refinery

drive in mlk

power ower

american face paint we will win

car lot streamers


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you reprinted the photos here on the blog. After lending the book to the Linda at Sunoco, I noticed one of the photos had what appeared blood or some other substance on it and wondered if it was there before I lent it to her.

Yep, it's part of the original photo (WE LOVE HAVING YOU HERE)

Anyway, good job.

and cheers.

ZS said...

Every time I stop in at the Sunoco Linda isn't there! I'm going to have to leave a book with Eucie. Hope you're great, Smithee.

Martin Buday said...

Every single time I look at your work I want to tell you that it's f-ing inspiring! thank you Zoe and congrats in advance for your ten year anniversary of I-95. In my opinion the best way I've experienced viewing "street" photography....

clairebearkiss said...

thanks so much for posting these Zoe! I've been planning on buying the book since it came out, but haven't yet. And now that I just got "awesome art shivers" looking at the little web versions I know for sure that I really do need that book.

ZS said...

Thanks Martin and Claire!